Attract Ideal Members/Customers with a Quality Lead Magnet

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It’s about caring enough to create value for customers. If you get that part right, selling is easy.

Anthony Iannarino, The Sales Blog

With the business climate radically changing, it’s now more important than ever to work smarter and harder to attract quality prospects to your business or organization.

And it all starts with quality lead generation. By generating quality leads, you are increasing your chances of a better and faster conversion rate.

Since last fall, I’ve been researching ways I can serve associations and small businesses better. One of my startling discoveries is that very few businesses have a lead magnet in place to attract quality customers. 

Currently, most businesses and associations are only generating leads by having them join a mailing list to get their newsletter. The problem with that type of lead generation is people don’t want to get yet another newsletter that they either don’t open, read or delete when it hits their inbox. It doesn’t have the type of value and helpful content that a strong lead magnet has.

What are the qualities of a good lead magnet?

A lead magnet must be clear on who’s it for

What type of ideal customer are you trying to attract? Knowing as much as possible about who you’re trying to attract is helpful in trying to determine the right content for your lead magnet. Spend some time interviewing ideal customers to learn more about their everyday challenges so you can identify problems to address through your lead magnet.

A lead magnet must solve a specific problem

Hopefully you’ve done some research into your ideal audience. You understand their problems and everyday challenges. How does your lead magnet help them solve a particular problem? 

A lead magnet must be delivered in a format appropriate to their audience

In selecting the right lead magnet, choose a format that is appropriate for your audience. For example, if your audience loves videos, then choose videos or webinar recordings. In addition, ask yourself: What is a popular resource that your members are using that they love? Those resources may be good candidates to use for a lead magnet.

Some examples of good lead magnets are:

  • Cheat sheets that provide shortcuts to systems or problems.
  • Swipe files are certain templates or files that you can offer that saves your customers time.
  • E-book or guide of curated magazine or newsletter articles around a particular topic that offers solutions or actionable tips and how-tos.
  • Podcasts or audio recordings (especially ones that are not available to current members or customers).
  • Videos
  • Webinar recordings
  • Case studies
A lead magnet must be simple

If this is your first lead magnet, keep it simple and offer a resource that will provide value. You’re not building a rocket. You are offering them a solution or a quick win to a problem. 

A lead magnet must have a landing page where your customer can opt in

This is where you will drive your prospect to go online and fill out a contact form so they get a download of your lead magnet. You have a couple of different ways on how you can deliver your lead magnet: You can either provide the resource as an immediate download (after they enter their information) OR you can send them an automated welcome email with a button or link to their download. 

A strong lead magnet can help you convert more prospects into members more quickly. According to online marketing expert, Amy Porterfield:

When you create a profit-driven lead magnet, you are creating a tool that leads your new subscriber to a buying decision while also providing incredible value. With this very intentional strategy, you will be generating revenue faster than you ever thought possible!

Amy Porterfield
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