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6 Costly Mistakes Associations Are Making Today

Content is king 👑

It’s not just a well-worn slogan. Good and valuable content has the power to change and improve people’s lives and make a difference. 

For associations, content is a versatile and effective way to address member problems. Good content can help grow and strengthen association membership, which has been on the decline since 1994. If used strategically, content can help bridge many gaps when it comes to membership growth and retention.

Did you know . . .

When prospective members visit your website or interact with your brand, only 3 % are actually ready to join?

The rest – a whopping 97 percent – have to be nurtured along to get them to join.

To attract the right members, you need to serve them valuable and compelling content.

That’s where I come in.

I can help you convert your visitors to members faster and in a way that brings out your best value.

I create content for your audience that educates rather than sells.

Also known as content marketing, it positions your association as their go-to choice for what you offer.

By not knowing your audience, your content marketing is ineffective and flat. It gets lost in the crowd, and your association fails to thrive.

Know your customers • Plan your content • Serve your content

Hey There!

I'm Leona

I help associations and small businesses attract and retain members by crafting content that captivates and converts.

With 20+ years in the marketing and communications fields, I’ve gained a unique perspective on how to help associations connect with their customers that reinforces their value.

In 2018, I started JEP Marketing Communications. I’m grateful for the freedom, flexibility and fun that my work provides. I enjoy working with association teams and small businesses to create compelling and relevant content that helps get and keep members/customers.

Leona Scott

Happy Clients

Like many small-staff associations, marketing and communications tend to take a back seat to other priorities. Leona stepped in to fill this critical role, which has shown a positive impact for my client. We’ve seen greater engagement with our emails and social media. Leona is passionate about what she does and understands the value of associations. In our work together, she has helped us to better convey our value as an association to our current and prospective members.
Cristina Rodriguez
CAE, IOM, senior director, Fusion Marketing and Executive Director of National Ornamental Metal and Miscellaneous Metals Association
Leona's passion and expertise in membership and content creation provide invaluable insights and ideas that led our membership and marketing/communications teams to succeed in all of our projects – from building our Member Journey to member acquisition campaigns and other touchpoints are vital to retention. She is thorough and clear in all her communications, which makes working with her a breeze. She is a valuable resource that we will go back to repeatedly.
Blair Calvo
Former vice president of regional services, Automotive Service Association
Leona has been instrumental in creating more value for our membership and reinforcing the excellence of our members. Her content adds incredible value, and impactful and actionable direction to raise the quality and appearance of our newsletter. She is a dedicated leader who serves kindly, intelligently, and with a level of commitment that sets her apart from everyone else.
David Rogers
President, Shop 4D/Automated Marketing Group/Auto Profit Masters
If you're looking for a great collaborator who inspires you with creative ideas, and supports you every step of the way with your content, Leona is your go-to. Our team knows they can count on her every time, and she always delivers. Yet what distinguishes her most is her passion for serving the unique needs of membership organizations that drives her to excel in everything she does.
Doug Myers
Content Manager, Automotive Service Association

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