5 Ways to Recycle Your Blog in Not So Ho-Hum Ways

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Our daughter Ellie’s daily chore is to take out the recycling. I recently told her the story of when my younger brother and I were around her age (9ish), and we recycled used soda “pop” cans (that’s what you call them in the Midwest) at the grocery store. I think we got three or five cents for each can. So during a monthly haul, we collected several dollars that we split between us. 

In the marketing communications world, recycling content is an invaluable way to get more mileage from our hard work. In fact, it’s one of my great time savers and allows me to stretch my content like my brother and I stretched our dollars.

Here are five of my favorite ways to recycle a blog. As you will see through the different mediums listed, the content can be interchangeable in so many ways.

1. Host a Special Event

Groucho Marx Glasses

If your blog is an especially popular topic, consider doing a workshop,  webinar or even a class at a conference to expand on the subject matter. When I was a magazine editor, we published a popular department called “What Would You Do?” that readers loved (still do). One year, we did a panel discussion at our annual conference with the same name and it ended up being one of the most popular classes that year.

2. Do a Facebook Live

Question Marks Rising Out of Open Box

Don’t forget Facebook Live to promote your content and engage with your audience. SEO guru Neil Patel advises that even by doing one Facebook Live per month, boosts your algorithm when you post other videos.

3. Use as a Lead Magnet

Two colleagues in a discussion over lunch

Some blogs that feature specific tips and strategies may work well as a lead magnet to grow your email list and bring in leads for your business or organization. 

4. Repost As a LinkedIn Article

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Besides sharing your content on the normal channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, consider publishing your blog as a LinkedIn article. I’ve done this with several blog topics, and it’s very easy to do.

5. Video

Man sitting in front of laptop with colors streaming out from screen

Of course you can repurpose your content on YouTube, but did you know about the Lumen5 video tool? It makes it so easy to break down your content into video form. It’s like Canva except for videos. Take a look at this video I created recently of a blog post. It’s even set to music and turned out very professional.

What are your favorite ways to recycle content? Am I leaving anything off this list? 

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