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Lead generation

Ditch Your Newsletter As Your Opt In & Create a Lead Magnet Your Membership Prospects Will Love

As COVID-19 is teaching us, we need to seek new ways of doing business. Revamping your lead generation process is one of the best ways to adapt, helping you bring in quality leads leading to better conversions.

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KUAA membership campaign turns crisis into membership opportunities.

How a Pandemic Turned a Crisis into Membership Opportunities for One Association

A look at how the KU Alumni Association is paying it forward for its 2020 graduating class through its “Jayhawks “Flock Together” campaign, and how you can apply three valuable lessons from their membership strategy.

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How to be a successful association during challenging times.

5 Ways to Foster Successful Associations That Thrive During Tough Times

I recently attended a Membership All Stars panel of three thought leaders in the association world – Mary Byers, Sheri Jacobs and Sarah Sladek. Sponsored by …

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successful association webinars
Content Strategy

8 Easy Ways to Deliver Value-Packed Association Webinars During COVID-19

Follow these tips, and watch your member engagement (and value!) soar during your next association webinar.

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colleagues having coffee

Listen Up, Marketing & Communications Grads: 7 Ways to Stand Out in the ‘Real’ World

What advice would you give a new graduate who is entering the marketing and communications world during COVID-19? Graduates today are faced with more uncertainty …

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Computer Desktop With Calendar Overlay
content ideas

5 Ways to Recycle Your Blog in Not So Ho-Hum Ways

Our daughter Ellie’s daily chore is to take out the recycling. I recently told her the story of when my younger brother and I were …

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Content Strategy

How to Attract More Ideal Members to Your Association with a Quality Lead Magnet to Grow Your Membership

Quit using your newsletter as your go to opt-in. Give your membership leads something juicier that they can’t wait to gobble up. A quality lead magnet creates value from the start and helps them say “yes” to joining faster than you thought possible.

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greatest salesman in the world

How to Be the Best Salesperson (Hint: It starts with love)

Recently, my business coach asked me if I had read The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino.

He seemed surprised when I replied, “No.” I had heard of the book many times, but not being in sales, I never felt the need to read it.

Boy, was I wrong.

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