professional networking tips in post-pandemic life

5 Tips for Building Professional Networking Confidence Post-Pandemic

Learn how to bridge your professional networking skills from the virtual world back to in-person again. Communications expert and best-selling author Dianna Booher, shares five of her best networking and communications tips to boost your confidence and presence.

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Listen Up, Marketing & Communications Grads: 7 Ways to Stand Out in the ‘Real’ World

What advice would you give a new graduate who is entering the marketing and communications world during COVID-19? Graduates today are faced with more uncertainty …

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Are You Asking the Right Questions of Your Members/Customers?

Awhile back, I had lunch with a dear friend who I used to work with many years ago. I’ve often told her the story about …

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The 6 Big & Costly Mistakes Associations Are Making Today

Plus, get 6 actionable tips to get back on track!